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June 4, 2020

We are the PhD3!


Let’s meet the creators!


Alastair eating a frozen cracker!

First up we have Alastair, NYAD’s resident chemist. You can hear him in our first ever episode, which is on non-newtonian fluids!
Hailing from Victoria, B.C. but currently engrossed in his studies in Kingston, Ontario, Alastair loves exploring the wonderful world of chemistry. When he's not lighting stuff on fire in the lab (safely, of course!) Alastair can be found playing music in his university's orchestra, singing with the Kingston Chamber Choir, and getting people excited about science! Alastair has amazed audiences around the globe with spectacular chemistry demonstrations through Queen's University and the British Geological Survey. He's excited to be a part of Not Yet a Dr. to share his love for cool chemistry concepts, and learn some fascinating facts about other sciences along the way.



Our resident neuroscientist, Sienna, is our source on all things biological, but with a definite aptitude for the neurological - check out episode two to listen to Sienna teach us how the nose knows!
Just a small-town girl, she took a plane going anywhere: first Calgary for her undergraduate in cellular biology, then Lund (Sweden) for her year abroad, and now Montreal for her PhD at McGill University. When she’s not looking through a microscope adoringly at her neuronal cultures, she enjoys all manners of outdoor activities. Her bike, Stella, is a fixer-upper steel frame that takes her everywhere she wants to go; she also cares for two tomato plants on her balcony that are growing beautiful little tomatoes (follow her on Instagram at @siennasage for regular updates on their growth). Sienna is also a big fan of puzzled pint (look it up!) and pub quizzes. Oh, and she loves ice cream. Currently she’s enjoying the outdoors virtually on a beautiful island with her animal friends during quarantine (if u kno, u kno). Excited to put to use her editing skills gained from working in radio, Sienna is happy to bring fascinating science topics to your ears!



Beth is doing her PhD in particle physics at Sapienza Università di Roma, in Rome where she's been living for the last 3 years. If you ask her, she'll tell you that she's had a fascination for Italy and the Italian language for years.

Beth’s PhD is in an experiment called PADME, which is looking for a new particle called a dark photon, that would connect dark matter to the normal particles that we all know and love! You can see Beth in front of the PADME magnet, a vital component of the experiment.

The basic principle of PADME is that if the dark photon exists, then it should be produced when positrons and electrons annihilate. Usually when electrons and positrons annihilate they produce two normal photons, the particles of light which are allowing you to read this right now! If the dark photon is produced in an annihilation event then we would only see one normal photon in the PADME detector, but there would be some missing energy, and that would be a clear sign that we've found some new physics!

There are few things that Beth loves more than travelling, adventuring, and meeting new people, so as soon as the world opens back up Beth hopes to be out and about again seeing everything and everyone.

Beth's main hobby is playing the French horn in orchestras with like-minded people - fun fact: that's how she and Alastair met!


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